Law Office of J. Jason Marquoit

Licensed in Oregon & Washington


After gaining experience handling a wide variety of matters, Jason Marquoit began litigating subrogation cases in 2003, and opened his own office during January, 2005.

Since that time, Mr. Marquoit has expanded his practice to include the State of Washington, and regularly handles all types of subrogation cases in both states.

Mr. Marquoit has extensive experience in all aspects of the subrogation claim process, from the initial notice of claim, through its ultimate resolution. 

At the outset of a claim, Jason can assist his clients with investigating and preserving the evidence and scene, retaining the appropriate experts, providing all interested parties with the appropriate notice, and conducting site inspections.

After the scene has been examined and the loss adjusted, Mr. Marquoit routinely coordinates product inspections and testing when appropriate, and attempts to reach an early resolution with the responsible party.

If the at-fault party will not pay a claim voluntarily, Jason believes in beginning the litigation (or arbitration) process immediately, before the evidence becomes stale, and the witnesses are difficult to locate.

Mr. Marquoit has handled cases ranging from the small fender-bender, to the catastrophic loss.  No case is too large or too small, and almost all are handled on a contingency basis.

The Law Office of J. Jason Marquoit is not an insurance defense firm doing subrogation work on the side. Subrogation is what we do, and collecting money is our bottom line.

Jason Marquoit has prepared a guidebook of subrogation tips that he is happy to share with any insurance professional.  We invite you to contact our office for a free copy.


Member of NASP

(National Association of Subrogation Professionals)